application for Smart TV and high speed Internet


The Package includes: IP Television through the iNES Smart app and optical fiber Internet connection (FTTH) and is dedicated to residential customers.

The iNES Smart package includes:
  • up to 3 iNES Smart app accounts;
  • high speed Internet connection.
Additional iNES Smart accounts:
  • 1 iNES Smart account - 3 EURO/month
Optional - 4K/UHD Media Player, under free rental:
  • Xiaomi MiBox - 5 EUR/month;
  • Google Chromecast 4K – 7 EUR/month.

TELEVISION through iNES Smart app

  • The iNES Smart app on maximum 3 TVs;
  • Over 200 channels in a UNIQUE TV grid;
  • Over 120 HD and 4K/UHD channels;
  • The TV grid organized by thematic categories;
  • Access to the TV grid and favorite streaming platforms using only the remote control of the Smart TV;
  • HBO Max included in the subscription.
*The channel grid  is similar to the one in the iNES IPTV package, except for the following channels, due to temporary technical considerations: Welt, Sixx, Cable One, Pro7, Sat1 and Travel Mix 4K.
**the channel grid may vary, with a minimum of 150 TV channels.
***For the Adult category, please refer to our Support department and request access by email, at


  • Gpon technology, shared Internet access up to 500 Mbps and unlimited traffic.
  • BONUS - FREE WiFi Access Point included in the access equipment. *
* Additional WiFi equipment will be charged separately depending on the technical solution chosen.
** The WiFi connection included in the subscription is "best effort" and can be influenced by the structure of the building or by possible interferences with other WiFi devices in the vicinity.
  • For all the services included in the iNES IPTV package you shall receive one invoice with several payment options, including on-line facility through e-Payment system.
  • The Installation is offered FREE OF CHARGE for a maximum of 300 m of newly installed fiber optic cable.


The iNES IPTV service to another level, through the iNES Smart app
The iNES Smart app has been created for the Smart TVs with the following operating systems: Android TV, Google TV, WebOS and Tizen. *
We offer you increased comfort while watching TV, benefiting from the same premium quality of the iNES IPTV television service, but also from the technical advantages of your own Smart TV.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics While Watching TV - download the application from the Application Store on your TV and find it in one place, along with all your favorite applications;
  • Fast Access to TV and Apps – use only your TV remote control for the channel grid and other favorite apps; **
  • Minimalism and Aesthetics in the house with less equipment – no STB, cables or a second remote control;
  • Smart Viewing by Categories - channels structured by thematic categories, similar to the iNES IPTV interface, for easy and intuitive navigation;
  • Complete Audio Experience - support for Dolby sound and integration with the TV audio-video system;
  • A UNIQUE Channel Crid – over 200 channels in one package;
  • Over 120 HD Channels – from all domains;
  • 4K/UHD Channels;
  • WiFi Internet Connection*** - you can also watch TV connected to WiFi.
*Please find here the list of compatible TVs for each operating system. In case you don’t match the list, you can use a media player that will facilitate the use of the iNES Smart application on your TV.
** Only if the application is installed on Smart TVs.
*** The WiFi connection included in the subscription is "best effort" and can be influenced by the structure of the building or by possible interferences with other WiFi devices in the vicinity.
  • The iNES Smart service is available only in the iNES physical network (Bucharest and Ilfov).
  • All brands, products, service names and logos are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are recognized as such. Referrals to third parties do not constitute any recommendation, approval, authorization, sponsorship or affiliation of iNES to third parties.

iNES IPTV vs iNES Smart

Characteristics iNES IPTV Package
50 EUR/month
iNES Smart Package
39 EUR/month
1 STB 4K for Television (1 TV) + Internet + fixed Telephony  -
2 remote controls (TV + STB)  -
1 landline + 500 calls inside the national network  -
3 iNES Smart app accounts + Internet  -
1 remote control (only TV) – no STB, no cables  -
A UNIQUE TV Grid – over 200 UNIQUE channels
(no duplicates SD and HD)
Over 120 HD channels
4K/UHD channels
Channels organized by thematic categories
EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
Parental Control
Internet access up to 500 Mbps
Fiber-To-The-Home connection (FTTH)
Superior image and sound quality
Dolby Digital sound support
FREE WiFi Access Point included
HBO Max included
Available only in the iNES network
Dedicated Account Manager – personalized consulting
Technical Support 24/7

Smart tv Models Compatible with the iNES Smart App

Smart TV Brand/Media Player Platform/OS Models
Sony, Philips etc. Android TV/Google TV models 2016 - present
Ver. 5.0 - present
Samsung Tizen

models 2017 - prezent
Ver. 3.0 - prezent

LG WebOS models 2017 - present
Ver. 3.0 - present
Google Chromecast 4K Google TV Ver. 4K/UHD
MiBox - Xiaomi Android TV Mi Box 3 and Mi Box S

Please find the detailed list - aici.
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