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Tel.:031/ 620.20.20 | Online Live Support & Sales

Calitatea serviciilor oferite, profesionalismul si competentele tehnice ale personalului, asistenta prompta si permanenta acordata proactiv ne indreptatesc sa recomandam serviciile iNES GROUP


Liviu Stan, ICT Manager

ENI Romania



  • Reliable, cost-effective and highly customizable phone services in the ISDN network

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  • iNES uses the newest, yet stable and verified technologies in order to provide Internet access services.

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  • The Dedicated Hosting service consists in allocating a server platform exclusively to a client together with OS (Linux or Windows), plus IP connectivity and providing technical support. Such servers may be used for websites, storage,... read more [+]

  • IPTV or IP Television involves the transmission of the TV signal with a high video and audio quality, using the Internet IP protocols, directly to the TV screen. IPTV is not the same as Internet TV (or online TV).

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Premium alternatives to the standard TV, internet and telephony services


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